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For the most part, I mean. :]

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I just got a back piece done to cover a scar. I am so thrilled with it.

It was done by Tim McGrath at 13 Roses in East Atlanta, GA.

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2009 New Year's Resolution.
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Feels Like

Can you believe that it was 75°F last week?


Oct. 16th, 2006 01:53 pm
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1. What sorts of roles on TV do you feel that I could fit into, if the current actor was unavailable?

2. What celebrities do I remind you of and why?

Answer truthfully, please. It's for my Acting project. :)
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I saw it. I saw Snakes on a Plane. And can I tell you this? I was not disappointed.

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Inspired by [ profile] waffling and kept here for reference for myself in case my computer ever decides to die.

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Getting up at 6:50 am was totally worth getting into all of my preferred classes hassle free.

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Wow, my life has been totally super busy lately. Any college student who ever claims that spring semester is easier than fall semester is LYING and should be sent to another planet immediately.

Then again, all the crazy isn't necessarily all classwork/homework for me. Sure, I've had to do thumbnail designs (DESIGNS! I CAN'T DRAW!) for Intro to Theatre and start researching my end-of-term papers for French Civ and Women Playwrights. At the very least, I went to talk to Prof. Artese about the D- and we had a nice conversation that ended with him assuring that there's no possible way that I'll get less than a B in his class because he knows how hard I work and how badly my scholarship depends upon my grades. Point for him, though he's still in the negative.

If the work hasn't been that heavy, where have I been spending all my time? Why, I'll tell you!

I joined SAFE Women, so there's weekly meetings of that to attend. I'm also on SOS (Scottie Orientation Something? Does anyone even know what that stands for), so there's weekly meetings of that as well. Children's Theatre Workshop is twice a week and twice a week I ADSM Danielle's play for theatreworks 2006, "The Problem" by A. R. Gurney, Jr. I also was going through the R.A. application/screening process for the Theatre Theme House, but I have a fair idea that they're not going to pick me and I definitely can't say that I'm bothered by that thought.

SPEAKING OF THE THEATRE THEME HOUSE. Cat and I scored an AWESOME room in the house for next year. We have a corner room, which means two walls of windows (FOUR all together!) and our room also opens up onto the porch roof so we're definitely going to go out there and sit a la 3rd Rock from the Sun. Ten girls in one house seems like a lot, but that house is frikkin' huge. And gorgeous. And we have a kitchen. And a yard. I LOVE YOU AGNES.

I've also been trying to make plans for what I'm doing over the summer. I've applied to two separate internships so far. The first is an internship working with children at summer drama camps at Nashville Children's Theatre. I haven't heard back from that one either way yet. The second one is an internship shadowing the Managing Director and attending/teching rehearsals/shows several times a week at IMPROVBOSTON! Hell yes! I actually heard back from the Managing Director there just today and she wants to do an informal phone interview on Monday and they MAY be able to help me find summer housing in the event that I score that internship. Boston for the summer? I SAY YES. VERY YES. Of course, all of this is very much accredited to the fact that the Managing Director knows some other ASC alumnae (dunno if I got that ending right :-/) and loves ASC girls. I LOVE YOU AGNES. AGAIN.

And guess what happens tomorrow? Oh,that's right, Emilie and I are going to see LITTLE WOMEN at the Fox. AND we're going to stage door. And so help me god, I AM going to meet Maureen McGovern. The end.
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So, I know that I hardly write in here anymore, but I had to write this somewhere.

I just received a letter stating that I made the Dean's Honor List for last semester.

Awesome. Just awesome.
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My mother and I just did an entire dance around my basement despite the fact that my sick father and sister are very much asleep and in bed.


Because I just saw my first semester grades on ASCAgnes. I am so proud of myself. True, it's the first time I've ever had a GPA lower than 4.0, but the point is that now I'm at Agnes and in college and all of my standards are so much different.

It's such a great feeling of validation.

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Spring Semester? Bring it on.
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I'm in a nastily awful anti-social mood without any particularly good reason.

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A possible look into the future of Grasher. Late-1980s. 1086 words. )

P.S. If you are in high school, I would appreciate it ever-so-much if you could head over to this post by [ profile] lostlikealice and fill out the survey for her. Thank you. <3
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